Felinwynt is a village in Ceredigion around 4 miles from Cardigan, despite this, the broadband speeds available to its residents are extremely low at an average download speed of around 2 Mpbs.

Luckily there is excellent 3G and 4G coverage in the village meaning that we have been able to take advantage of the Welsh Government’s Access Broadband Cymru (ABC) grant scheme which is available for people in areas where there is poor broadband coverage to improve their service. So far we have helped:

  • A dozen households in Felinwynt improve their broadband speeds from 2 Mbps to as high as 40 Mpbs by installing an external 4G aerial and a 4G router internally. The capital costs of this installation are typically covered by the grant leaving the households with just the monthly broadband subscription to pay which in the case of Felinwynt is £22 per month for unlimited data.
  • Installed solutions for businesses located in the village and recently for professionals working from home during the recent Covid-19 crisis which would have been far more difficult without this solution in place.


This solution is viable for lots of locations throughout Wales where there is poor broadband – if you’d like us to check what is available in your area and whether you qualify for the grant, please get in touch

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