Branding + Loyalty = Growth

A strong brand is essential for businesses competing to secure their positioning in the marketplace.  And it’s not just about having a flashy logo and a catchy strapline!   A  brand is a promise. A promise to the customer confirming credibility in a product.

Calon Wen Advert Calon Wen is one of Wales’ leading organic brands. Established in 2000, the Narberth-based dairy co-operative sources its milk from members in north and south-west Wales.  That all-important brand promise for Calon Wen is based on investing in the ethos of organic farming. Through the generations, farming has always been described as “a way of life” for farmers. Landowners acting as stewards of the environment for future generations.   Organic farming today typifies the genuine determination of those involved in it to preserve those values and subsequently the lifestyle.

Working on behalf of Calon Wen, Canta’s marketing strategy is designed to establish customer loyalty based on the supreme confidence that the farmers have in their product through their farming processes which means keeping things simple, with cows grazing clover rich organic pastures that have not been treated with sprays or chemicals thus appealing to all those consumers with a growing interest in health and nutrition and an increased awareness of environmental issues.

One who has always maintained faith with organic’s market potential is Dai Miles, Managing Director of one of Wales’ leading organic brands, Calon Wen.  Says Dai –

“As a business, we have experienced the highs and the lows the same as everybody else. But our commitment to producing the highest quality organic milk for consumers remains the same today as it always has been.

With the organic market gaining strength, Dai Miles sees a positive future. “Our Market Research Shows us that product “authenticity”  is important to consumers.  With Calon Wen, we are able to assure consumers that they are buying from a credible outlet. We work closely with our farmers. We know exactly where our milk comes from”.

Maybe a catchy strapline isn’t such a bad thing after all.

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