Global Reach Out Programme

A new opportunity for Powys businesses, funded by UK Government, Powered by Levelling Up and delivered by Antur Cymru Enterprise, in collaboration with ITSG World and Powys County Council.

The Global Reach Out Programme is split into three opportunities of support, including:

  • Never Too Small To Export: A 10-week hybrid training programme to help business owners learn about the opportunities of exporting, no matter how big or small the business might be.
  • Export Readiness Action Plan: A programme to help SMEs resume or get started with exporting, to help build confidence and gain the necessary skills to successfully trade internationally.
  • Supply Chain Review: A concise and timely 3-day programme that helps uncover sticking points within the supply chain process, highlighting how operations could be streamlined to increase trade efficiency.

Explore the three programmes in more detail below:

“Never Too Small To Export” Programme

What is it?

The programme is a 10-week hybrid coaching module delivered from local, easily accessible locations and virtually, catering to a broader audience while minimising costs. In addition to conventional businesses, it embraces underrepresented groups such as female entrepreneurs and businesses from the migrant community. It also covers e-commerce businesses.

Who is it for?

Aimed at empowering SMEs and micro-businesses to overcome apprehensions about exporting, the “Never Too Small To Export” programme provides easy-to-understand, practical training backed by experienced professionals. This initiative aligns with the increasing demand for enhanced support on international trade – a sentiment echoed by 50% of SMEs.

Pre-entry questionnaires ensure the relevance and appropriateness of programme attendance.
All sessions are 2.5 hours long, integrating classroom learning with practical activities.

Course Outline:

  • “Let’s Start”: Introduces international trade and the global appeal of UK, particularly Welsh, products and services.
  • “Are You Ready To Export”: Prepares businesses for export, providing a clear pathway to venture into international markets.
  • “Find Your Market”: Practical session on identifying, assessing, and entering potential markets.
  • “How To Sell Your Product or Service”: Teaches approaches to bringing products/services to the market, including the role of agents, distributors, and direct sales.
  • “Movement of Goods”: Addresses the logistics behind transporting goods and introduces potential specialists.
  • “Incoterms”: Emphasises the importance of incoterms in global trade, concluding with a Certificate of Completion.
  • “Documentation”: Addresses the basics of export and import documentation, and the resources for obtaining specific advice.
  • “All About Money”: Guides on successful payment transactions, due diligence, letters of credit, trade finance, insurance, and other funding products supporting international trade.
  • “Export Action Plan”: Practical exercise to develop an export action plan using course inputs.
  • “Let’s Get Exporting”: Review session to assess learnings and participants’ readiness to make their first export sale.

Upon course completion, each delegate receives a Certificate of Merit, signifying their readiness to step into international trade. With “Never Too Small To Export”, every business gets the necessary toolkit to leverage the global marketplace.

Enquire about the Never Too Small To Export programme: [email protected] | 0800 669 6859

Export Readiness Review and Action Plan

This program is designed for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of exporting, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and support to open new doors in global markets.

The Aims: To enhance the export capabilities of micro to SMEs through targeted support and strategic planning, addressing the common challenges and misconceptions about exporting post-Brexit and in competitive international markets.

Programme Highlights:

  • Unique Offering: Unlike existing public sector programs, this initiative provides 8 person-days of dedicated support from an international trade expert to each business, for developing an in-depth export strategy tailored to the business’s needs and market potential.
  • Comprehensive Support: Assistance ranges from reviewing export capabilities and product fit for international markets to identifying relevant funding and finance options, and providing insights into suitable markets and public funding opportunities.
  • Local and National Network Integration: Collaboration with local stakeholders and business groups to ensure a holistic support system, including additional support options from the Welsh Government and DET export advisers.
  • Hybrid Delivery Model: Combines three on-site meetings with virtual communications, supplemented by desktop research and consultations with overseas partners. After strategy implementation begins, a final review meeting is held 60 days later to evaluate progress and plan the next steps.

Key Components:

Export Readiness Review: Covers company history, export planning and strategy, production capabilities, financial overview, sales and marketing approach, and logistics.
(3 days, including an on-site meeting)

Export Action Plan: Focuses on market selection, product/service offering, route to market, logistics, pricing strategy, payment options, marketing, and financial resources. (4 days, with one on-site meeting)

Final Review Meeting: 1 day, 60 days after presenting the Export Action Plan

Outcome: Empowered SMEs with strategic export plans, better market understanding, and integrated support from local to national levels, poised for growth in international trade.

Enquire about the Export Readiness Review and Plan: [email protected] | 0800 669 6859

Supply Chain Review

The Supply Chain Review is a comprehensive 3-day programme designed in response to several global geopolitical events, such as Covid-19, Brexit, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The global circumstances have made access to inexpensive products from China more challenging, expensive, and unreliable. Coupled with travel and transport disruptions from other world markets, UK manufacturers are facing considerable uncertainty, leading to escalating costs and reduced productivity.

The Supply Chain Review acts as a critical response to these challenges, aiming at supporting businesses to streamline their operations and mitigate risks.

Programme Objectives and Structure

The programme aims to:

  • Evaluate the current reliability of businesses’ existing supply chains.
  • Measure the supply chain’s environmental impact.
  • Devise a financially sustainable strategy that meets quality standards, ensures the security of supplies, and reduces carbon footprint.

The Supply Chain Review will take place over three days:

Day 1 – On-site: Initial assessment of current supply chain operations.
Day 2 – Desk Work: Comprehensive analysis and strategic planning.
Day 3 – On-site: Presentation of findings and recommendations.
Target Sectors and Geographic Focus

Recognising the potential in Mid-Wales manufacturing clusters, particularly in Welshpool, Newtown, and Brecon, the programme aims to provide robust support for the businesses in this region.

Within Powys alone, the presence of about 70 medium-sized businesses and approximately 535 micro-businesses represents a substantial opportunity for increasing export performance and stimulating job creation.

Addressing Supply Chain Risks

Businesses across the spectrum, regardless of size and sector, must be aware of potential supply risks. These risks can range from health and safety hazards, issues with suppliers, data breaches, criminal activity or natural disasters. Deloitte sums this up succinctly: “A supply chain is only as strong as your weakest link.”

The programme focuses on several elements that transform the supply chain into a resilient, efficient, and secure system:

  • Diversification of the supplier base
  • Preparation through thorough risk management
  • Striving for end-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Creating a risk-aware culture
  • Sharing responsibility by including partners in risk planning
  • Regular reviews of supply chain risks
  • Ensuring that the companies have the right kind of insurance coverage

With the Supply Chain Review programme, businesses are sure to navigate the turbulent global market waters with enhanced confidence and optimised operations.

Enquire about the Suppy Chain Review: [email protected] | 0800 669 6859

Delivery Partner Background

ITSG World Limited, based in North Wales, are a leading authority in international trade advice and business support, boasting over 30 years of private-sector exporting experience. Working closely with the UK and devolved Governments, they have designed a range of affordable and accessible services to meet diverse business needs, including bespoke training for micro-businesses, we are grateful to partner with ITSG World to deliver these unique training opportunities.

If you are a micro or small business operating from Powys and want to explore your exporting options or want to learn more about what exporting looks like, get in touch with our International Trade Advisor, today:

[email protected] | 0800 669 6859

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